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Owner Logan J. Delaware

Logan is the owner and Chief BigMouth at BigMouth Announcing.  After being given a microphone, a coffee and a list of sponsors, while supporting a friends race, BigMouth Announcing was born.  Logan is an accomplished athlete of varying disciplines and distances.  

Mrs. BigMouth Kate Delaware

Kate is married to Chief BigMouth and is wicked awesome.  Kate has raced long distance triathlons to 30 heart pounding minutes of cyclocross and prefers off-road these days and jogging their dog Sid Vicious.  

BigMouth Ben Benjamin Williams

Ben is a wicked fast distance runner and owns 17 animals with his wife, Summer.  They also recently gave birth to a baby girl - she will also be fast.    

BigMouth Nut Coach Erin Truslow

Erin is the Big Nut at Big Pistachio Racing and she sure isn't slow.  Erin coaches athletes of all kinds all over the world, trains, podcasts and talks.  And her pool is the official BMA round table.  

BigMouth Matt Twinkle Toes

Matt boasts the fastest transition triathlon times this side of the Mississippi and can shoot the wings off a fly.  

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